Visit us at the Vermont Summer Festival

Sample a British classic Land Rover Defender 90 hand-built by TATC.

The premier builder of classic high-end Land Rover Defenders to the US.

Come and visit us this summer to see one of our handcrafted artisan built classic Land Rover Defender 90’s.

These are superb recreations of factory original Defenders, that have been fully rebuilt and reengineered from the ground up, better than they were when they first left the factory, and for the next +25 years of use, by our dedicated team.
If you are after one of these classic icons with modern conveniences and comforts, wrapped up in a classic body, come and talk to us about one of our custom built to restorations.
With summer in full swing this is a lovely time of year to visit southern Vermont.
The truck will be available to see and test drive from mid July through to the end of October.  You can schedule an appointment online to come and see it, or you can call us direct.


Contact Chris or Rob to let them know you would like to arrange a test drive or a visit.


Pick a date that suits you and we will get in touch to confirm your appointment

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4 hours from NYC and 3.5 hours from Boston by car. For anyone coming from further afield, there’s Albany International (1.5 hours) and Rutland regional airport (50 minutes)
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