Full Professional
Body Respray

Full System-wide
Electrics Check

Full Nut and Bolt

#nocompromise with our
Land Rover Defenders


  • We make all necessary repairs to the chassis, foot-wells and bulkhead.
  • Remove the chassis, media blast, prepare, prime and paint in a protective coating.
  • Install new road bias suspension, struts, springs, bushings, brakes and brake lines.
  • Remove and strip the body panels and tub for paint prep and respraying. This also includes prepping the aluminum body work to remove any dings or dents.
  • Install and prep for spraying new side doors and tailgate*, including internal and external door assemblies, windows and doors seals, and other associated parts.
  • Professionally respray the vehicle inside and out in a color of your choice.
  • Install a new windshield and associated parts, such as wipers, wiper motor and blades, where necessary, including new window seals.
  • Install an Exmoor Trim XS soft-top hood, along with a 6-point Safety Devices Heavy Duty roll-cage.†
  • Install checker plates to protect the tops of the front two wings.
  • New wheel arch spats, either in black or sprayed to match the body color.
  • New black modular wheels and BF/G AT tires 265/75 R16s or 235/75 R16s.
  • New headlights, and LED side and blinker lights front and rear.
  • New front bumper
  • New external fixtures and fittings such as, front grille, head and side light surrounds, wing and side wing vent covers, wing mirrors, window, door and body seals.



  • Install a new fully rebuilt and reconditioned Turner Engineering engine, and Ashcroft transmission and transfer box.
  • Install a new wiring loom if necessary.



  • New Alcantara headliner **
  • Install heavy duty interlocking sound proofing mats in the front foot-wells, on the transmission tunnel, seat boxes. The seat boxes, battery box and foot-wells to be painted in Raptor protective paint for added protection and corrosion resistance.
  • The second row to be fitted with thermal acoustic carpet.††
  • The cargo area to be fitted with either thermal acoustic carpet or rubber matting.***
  • New seat brackets and associated parts and install reconditioned front and second row seats, and cargo area fold-up bench seats. Including new seat belts throughout. Upgrade options available.
  • Install a lockable cubby between the front two seats.
  • Install a Bluetooth stereo sound system and radio antenna.


Prior to shipping all our Land Rover Defenders are inspected and tested for road safety and compliance with either British or European road safety standards, and in the case of our South African built trucks the DEKRA safety test which is a German standard inspection.

For a truly bespoke build we have an almost unlimited amount of upgrades to truly customize your vehicle.

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* Tailgate is on Land Rover Defender 90 soft top, 90 hard top and 110 Beachcomber only
† Soft-top hood, along with a 6-point Safety Devices Heavy Duty roll-cage is on 90 Soft Top and 110 Beachcomber only. In the case of our South African built 110 soft-tops a customs made Fakawi soft-top hood and hood supports.
** Alcantara headliner is on 90 hard top, 110 CSW and 130 only
†† Thermal acoustic carpet for the second row on all except Defender 110 Beachcomber
*** Rubber matting only on the Land Rover Defender 110 Beachcomber. Thermal acoustic carpet or rubber matting on the 90 hard top, 90 soft top and 110 CSW




TATC Land Rover Defender 90 Soft Top Vehicle
TATC Land Rover Defender 90 Hard Top Vehicle
TATC Land Rover Defender 110 CSW Vehicle
TATC Land Rover Defender 110 Beachcomber Vehicle Badge
TATC Land Rover Defender 130 V8 Vehicle Badge


À La Carte optional extras to be chosen to further personalize and customize our Land Rover Defenders.

There’s a vast array of aftermarket parts and accessories for these trucks, this list isn’t exhaustive.


  • Factory spec under the dash Air Conditioning
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated front windshield



  • Upgraded seating, many styles of trim to choose from
  • Upgraded leather clad dash boards.



  • LED headlights
  • Rock slider side steps
  • NAS rear step with tow hitch and trailer wiring outlet
  • Roll-cages
  • Roof mounted off-road driving spots
  • Upgraded front grilles and light surrounds
  • Safari snorkel
  • Wheel rims
  • Front bumper A-Bar and driving spots
  • Steering guards
  • Winch bumper and winch



  • Enlarged aluminum intercooler for 30% increase in power from the Tdi engine
  • Variable Vane Turbo Charger for smoother wider power band
  • Ventilated front disk and caliper upgrade
  • Twin Webber carb upgrade for V8s